We place an enormous amount of confidence in Veracity and they are completely worthy of it. I boot up every morning and it just works. The worry is gone.

Korbel Associates

You have to have both chemistry and good service to continue to use a vendor. If you can't communicate with someone, it doesn't matter how good the service is. If the communication is great but nothing happens, we would be unhappy. For us, Jon and Veracity are the right fit.

Bellcomb Technologies

We have worked with Veracity ever since they helped us design and implement the technology in a building we purchased 10 years ago. They keep us on the leading edge of technology and have automated just about every facet of our business.

Grazzini Brothers

I like that I can pick up the phone or email support with a problem, receive quick response from a technician that can fix my problems in minutes.

Greiner Construction

What I like most about working with Veracity is that they provide support services that act and respond as a single stop for all of my infrastructure support needs. Everyone on the team is always very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. I have received many compliments about Veracity from my staff.


One of the biggest benefits that we have received since hiring Veracity Technologies is Peace of Mind! The quick and talented response is very important to us. Knowing our network is being managed by the professionals at Veracity is so important and reassuring.

We really appreciate the Service Desk and having the ability to call in for support an any time during the day. We feel that help is only a phone call away!

Tealwood Asset Management

Since hiring Veracity Technologies, our experience has been like having a CTO on staff with a professional support team, at an economical cost.

Juut Salonspa

Veracity's people are knowledgeable and respond to our needs in a timely fashion. Things are done right and done quick!

They have a good understanding of our systems and are proactive in their approach. We value the strategic advisory provided that aligns technology to our business.

Prairie Electric Company

I like that Veracity is available and willing to help with any questions we have. I never feel like I am bothering someone when I have a question or a problem to be solved. Whether it be someone on the support team or our account manager, I know I will get a response from someone who is ready to help.

Clearwater Equity Group