Vu Telepresence

April 12th, 2011

Veracity Technologies is now offering a Video Conferencing Solution designed with small businesses in mind. Introducing the Vu Telepresence!

Face-to-face meetings are the most preferred medium of communication for any business. What if you could meet without even crossing a road? We all know by now what a nightmare traffic has become, of how fluctuating airfares killed the freedom airlines once promised. The amount of time wasted simply doesn’t cut enough for a work-life balance.

Vu TelePresence is excellent for small offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and classroom environments. With Vu, groups of senior executives, professionals, managers, key home-based employees, or consultants can meet and collaborate effectively across the globe.

Our Unit will provide your organization with a true video collaboration tool that works easily with resources, whether they are across town or across the country. Your staff will appreciate the ease of collaboration provided by Vu as they utilize state-of-the-art telepresence tools to increase productivity, scalability, and precision while never leaving the comfort and familiarity of their own workspace!

Up until recently, these types of solutions were well outside the reach of the SMB market. Now, my friends, we can offer a solution that has been developed and manufactured to provide a true telepresence/video conference system designed specifically for the SMB:

Product Features:

  • HD Quality Video Conferencing on Low Bandwidth
  • Multi Party Conferencing
  • PC Sharing & Collaboration
  • Recording and Archival of Telepresence sessions
  • Nationwide Vu Telepoint Access
  • Affordable Price
  • VirtualFacets™ Technology

The Bottom Line: the good systems are highly priced, require expensive bandwidth, and are unwieldy to manage for most SMB customers. The free or low cost systems don’t perform at a high enough standard for true business collaboration or simply are not reliable. We would love to speak with you on this unique opportunity and schedule a demo of this solution at our VT Office. Contact us today to request further information!