Disaster Recovery

Time-tested programs and protocols to quickly resume operations after a catastrophe

Disaster Recovery plans are crucial for getting your business back up and running in the event of a disaster. Without it, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle by trying to recover lost data, rebuilding your business’s credibility, and paying costly non-compliance fines.

Working with Veracity Technologies’s specialists ensures all your crucial software apps and files are protected in our highly secure offsite data centers. These are updated in real time so you always have a copy of every version of your data no matter what happens to your hardware.

Keep your clients happy by continuously delivering products and services even if you’ve been hit by a storm, flood, or fire.

Disaster Recovery planning by Veracity Technologies includes:

  • Nonstop data security – our systems update your files continuously so you can access accurate historical versions of your data
  • Thorough analysis and reporting – we constantly analyze your systems and keep you up to date with reports of vulnerabilities
  • Global redundancy – your data is backed up on various offsite and onsite servers so you always have a copy
  • Quick recovery processes – we make sure your files can be restored quickly after a disaster

We place an enormous amount of confidence in Veracity and they are completely worthy of it. I boot up every morning and it just works. The worry is gone.

Carolyn Korbel
Korbel Associates

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