The Fight Against Malware & Viruses

May 18th, 2010

Almost everyone has first-hand experience dealing with malware or viruses on their computer.  I am sure that experience was not a positive one.  At Veracity Technologies we deal with this issue on a daily basis.  VT's Help Desk is great at removing malware and viruses from computers.  Unfortunately this is a practice that they have come to perfect because of the frequency they have had to clean infected computers.

In the last 30-days VT has increased our capabilities to prevent our client's managed computers and servers from becoming the next victims in the war against malware and viruses. 

First, we introduced a tool we call FILE BLOCKER.  Just before you open an application the FILE BLOCKER scans the program against a list of malware characteristics we have identified.  If there is a match, FILE BLOCKER prevents the application from even starting.  This is very helpful as antivirus applications do not always detect the latest threats.  As VT recognizes threats we can immediately "block" those threats from running.

Second, we introduced a new service we call Reliant+ Security.  Reliant+ Security's advantage is that it integrates fully with our managed services tool.  In the past if antivirus applications detected an infection that could not be cleaned it would generate an alert within a separate management tool.  In most cases the end-user had called us before we even knew of the infection.  This was not something we wanted.  With Reliant+ Security we have all of the monitoring being done within our managed services tool.  All of our alerts are in a single console; making our response time more efficient.

Both of the new capabilities above require that your organization participate in at least one of our many Reliant+ service offerings.  If you are interested in hearing more please contact one of our Account Managers at 952-941-7333 or