Bigger than ever! Microsoft's Big Easy Offer 8

March 12th, 2012

Microsoft's Big Easy Offer 8 ends June 30, 2012! This popular offer enables US customers to earn subsidy dollars on qualifying license purchases. The subsidy funds can be used towards additional purchases of, Microsoft software licenses and associated services from Veracity Technologies– a welcome injection to your IT budget.

You can use the subsidy reward to:

  • Defray the costs of solution implementation, management and scaling
  • Lower the upfront costs of upgrading to the latest software versions

With Big Easy Offer 8, subsidies can be earned on Microsoft Online Services like Microsoft® Office 365, Microsoft® Windows Intune & Microsoft® Dynamics CRM Online!!!!

Signing up for Software Assurance (new Open Value or Open Value Subscription agreements) increases the subsidy amount you can earn. Microsoft’s Open Value program provides a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement.

Benefits of Software Assurance include:

  • New Version Rights – Access to new software versions that are released during the term of your Software Assurance coverage. So you can keep your IT infrastructure current.
  • Spread Payments – Enables you to reduce up-front costs and helps forecast budget requirements with predictable annual payments.
  • Services – 24x7 support, deployment planning and end-user and technical training. Facilitate a quick ramp up for your employees and your IT staff on usage and management of Microsoft software.

Microsoft's Big Easy Offer 8 rewards you for upgrading and refreshing your desktop, server and management solutions, helping you to simplify your IT infrastructure and focus on what matters most – your business. And if you sign up for Software Assurance, your licensing options will be flexible and can scale as your business continues to grow.

Take action now and contact us today. Together we will blueprint a solution that fits your unique business needs moving forward, while maximizing the subsidy dollars you can earn with The Big Easy Offer 8. For full terms and conditions visit big easy offer 8 site here.